Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 02/09/2012

The Beer Hunter’s Report is something new I am going to try.  In the Beer Hunter’s Report, I will report on what new beers are available each week (in the Denver area, of course).  I won’t post every week, especially those weeks when there are no interesting beers being released or lack of information from my sources.  Also, look for the Beer Hunter’s Report to be updated throughout the weekend as I find out more.

So here’s this week’s report:

  • Firestone Walker §ucaba (formerly Abacus) – I had no heads up this was coming, very last minute. Early reports are this will be very limited in Denver and will go fast.  Tip: One store in the area will have the local FW reps at the store and will also release XV and some other goodies…
  • Dogfish Head Noble Rot – At least there seems to be more of this available in Denver than §ucaba, but still pretty limited.  Also note that Tweason’ale is out there, although this one might not be that highly sought after.
  • Avery Récolte Sauvage and Muscat d’Amour – Note that these are being released from the brewery in Boulder on Saturday (Feb 11th) only.  Very rare, 6 limit per person, might not make it to shelves and probably won’t make it out of state.
  • Russian River Pliny the Younger – First keg in Denver is being released this Saturday, Feb 11th @ 1 PM at Falling Rock.  Not a bottled beer, but a rare enough and highly sought after beer for me to mention here.  I might forego this year since I had copious amounts last year, time for someone else to try it.  Or maybe I’ll sneak a taste…we’ll see.
Fun story of the week: Last week, Boulevard Chocolate Ale was released to Denver and it ended up being very highly sought after. One of the liquor stores I frequent said that Boulevard actually called them to buy back the Chocolate Ale. Supposedly, Boulevard was short on Chocolate Ale at their release over there in Missouri and they are trying to buy back stock for the locals that missed out.

Look for more updates throughout the weekend (if there are anymore to report).  Please share any Denver area beer release news you might have with me either in the comments or on Twitter @ssteigerwald.

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