The Insanity that is February in Denver

I never remember February being like this before. I’m finding it hard to fit in all the beer events going on. Having a family, I can’t just up and go to every event, but I’m trying my best. Here’s a sampling (yes, I said SAMPLING):

  • Falling Rock Dain Bramage Month – Barleywines all month long, many of them vintage kegs that Falling Rock has squirreled away.
    • Falling Rock also held a Barlyewine pairing dinner!
  • Danny Williams Fundraiser at Backcountry Pizza and Tap House (Boulder) – Feb 11th, good cause, good people. Just do it.
  • Vine St (Mountain Sun) Stout Month – The darks. All. Month. Long.
  • Avery Barrel releases –  Récolte Sauvage and Muscat d’Amour releasing Feb 11
  • River North Brewery opening – New Denver brewery, open NOW!
  • Pliny the Younger hits Denver – Multiple locations, multiple dates
  • Copper Kettle Bourbon Breakfast Stout release (past event) – and Copper Kettle had some other releases too
  • Dry Dock Avon Breast Cancer Fund – Feb 19th, I went last year and this was my first taste of Bligh’s…worth the go for the gems they release and for a good cause.
  • Wagon Ryed release at Wynkoop – plus a multi-day event being held by Denver off the Wagon! Feb 23 – 25
  • Other events: Freshcraft food pairing dinner (past event), Parry’s Pizza opens in Highlands Ranch, Bull & Bush adds tableside whole hope infusing

And the usual onslaught of normal beer activity happening in Denver.  February should be longer!!!


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