Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 12/20/2013

Slow start to the week.

Here’s this week’s report:

  • <death growl>TRVE Manannán releases at the brewery this Sunday at 2 PM.</death growl>
  • BA Old Rasputin XVI usually shows up late December.
  • TRVE Tiphareth and Winter Zephyr should make appearances this winter.
  • New brewery rumors (TBD):
    • Knee Deep
    • Off Color
    • Is Ballast Point going to make it in January?
  • Wondering about Dry Dock’s Bligh’s?  Usually it’s release is in December. Not this year.  You’ll have to wait until early next year.

Look for more updates throughout the week (if there are any more to report).  Please share any Denver area beer release news you might have either in the comments or on Twitter @ssteigerwald.

Disclaimer: I do not post about Russian River, Cantillon, various Firestone Walker and other very rare beers.  Thank the hoarders for this…some things still need to be kept secret from these scoundrels.


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