Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 10/04/2013

Don’t forget to visit the GABF Calendar!  This calendar includes events surrounding the GABF as part of Denver Beer Week.  The calendar is frequently updated, daily.

Talking about GABF…I’m out of commission for the week.  I might have a Beer Hunter’s Report up, but don’t count on it.  Even if I do, it will not be updated after Wednesday.  Sorry. Your hunting guide next week will be…you.

Here’s this week’s report:

  • Crooked Stave Zeke’s Belly Up Citrus Surette releases on Oct 5 at Mile High Wine and Spirits.  That is all.  Speak amongst yourselves.
  • This is happening; huge drop by Crooked Stave Artisans NOW.  Too many to list individually, just hunt:
    • More 12% stuff will be delivered this week, including some more of the last drop, some StillwaterEvil Twin, and new entry to our market Local Option. Yep.
    • Another Prairie drop; Funky GalaxyBombPuncheon and ‘Merica.
    • Some Perennial brews too!
  • Looks like Rumpkin is hitting stores right now.
  • Cigar City and Sun King cans have shown up on shelves (see GABF section below).
  • River North released a new barrel series beer; Rum Barrel Quandary last Saturday, Sep 28 at the brewery.  We should see some hit stores this week.  As a matter of fact, it’s out there now.  They also have a Scotch Barrel J Marie and J Marie Barreled & Bretted in the pipeline.  #GABF?
  • Bull & Bush Ghoul Fuel.  Now.
  • Epic Brewing‘s Big Bad Baptist, #14 featuring Cranknstein’s Black Satin coffee and weighing in at 12.1%.  Now!
  • Odell Fernet Aged Porter was released at the brewery last week.  And it’s on shelves NOW!
  • AC Golden Checkpoint Charlie Berliner Weisse will hit this week. (haven’t seen it yet, have you?)
  • Crooked Stave Origins Batch 2.  In stores before the release on the 9th? (UPDATE: it was delivered to stores this week, but stores were asked to hold on to it until the release on Wed).  Does anyone know of L’Brett D’Or will also make it to stores too?
  • Elevation Downpour, a Fresh Hop Extra IPA might hit as early as this week (or not).  Remember that last year it was an imperial red?  Going forward, Downpour will be a slightly different fresh hop each year.  In mid-Oct, look for Inconceivable, a Barrel Aged Double IPA and the return of Apis IV.
  • Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad started to show up last week. More this week maybe?
  • New Belgium Le Terroir started showing up on shelves last week.  Who knows, give it a try this week. Dog will hunt.
  • Some Utah Brewers Cooperative breweries, including Wasatch and Squatters also appeared on shelves last week.  They only sent a few, because apparently many of their beers are below the CO liquor store limit.  But keep an eye out for Wasatch Ghost Rider and The Devastator and Squatters Hop Rising.  Look for more stores this week.
  • GABF Beer (and beyond); meaning these will definitely be on tap during GABF, but we might see bottles at some point too:
    • Ska/DC Brau Taster’s Choice #cans #hashtags #fuckinhatethem #imeanhashtagsnotcans
    • Rumors of Cigar City and Sun King cans (Osiris, Sunlight Cream and Wee Mac) hitting stores during the week.  Rumored that Shorts is coming again too, like last year (confirmed by Brewtally Insane!).
    • New Belgium & Cigar City collaboration beer, brewed with anaheim and marash chilis. Release date TBD, but label has already been approved for CO.
    • Firestone Walker/Mikkeller Lil’ Mikkel is going to hit us soon. Not sure on date, but label has been approved for CO already.
    • Did you guys hear that Perennial is coming now?  There’s some Perennial tappings during GABF.
  • Dogfish Head American Beauty sometime this month.
  • Great Divide Grand Cru w/Peaches sometime this month, possibly early Oct.
  • Odell Woodcut No. 7 is coming soon.  12.5% RIS. Yes please.
  • Ballast Point (although, they might not hit until late October based on some rumors?)

Look for more updates throughout the week (if there are any more to report).  Please share any Denver area beer release news you might have either in the comments or on Twitter @ssteigerwald.


17 thoughts on “Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 10/04/2013

  1. I’m really shocked and disappointed you would announce where Zeke’s will be sold however you won’t announce where other beers are being sold especially when someone emails you directly to ask if you’ve seen something and you can’t politely respond. And maybe I’m one step ahead of you because I bought *New Belgium Le Terroir* last week.

  2. I too am shocked by the elitist Zeke disclosure, yet no mention on the whereabouts of the elusive PBR. Are you so busy that you can’t inform us about this elixir of the gods? It’s not like I can find it at the corner gas station…or can I?

  3. “I’m out of commission for the week. I might have a Beer Hunter’s Report up, but don’t count on it.”
    But, but, but…who can I bitch about not doing a service to the beer community not doing a service? That’s just plain lazy and rude.

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