The Beer Pipeline (Summer/Fall 2013 Edition)

I thought I’d share the beers that have been approved thus far.  Note that just because these are approved doesn’t mean they are all coming at once; they been approved for future distribution and could come at any time.  Also note that AleSmith and Saint Arnold are missing…no approvals for these guys yet.  This list is as of 8/23 and is not a complete list, I’m only including the new breweries planning to distribute to CO.  The date indicates the date of approval, but does not necessarily indicate when they will arrive.  Cheers!

Utah Brewers Cooperative Approvals 7/7/13:
Squatters Organic Amber Ale
Wasatch Amber
Wasatch Apricot Hefeweizen
Wasatch Polygamy
Squatters Golden Ale
Squatters Pale Ale
Squatter’s Proud Girl Pilsner
Wasatch Raspberry Wheat Beer
Squatters Hefewizen
Wasatch Pumpkin Ale
Wasatch Polygamy
Wasatch Pumpkin
Wasatch Apricot Hefeweizen
Squatters Full Suspension
Wasatch Winterfest
Squatter’s Double India Pale Ale
Wasatch White
Wasatch Double Bock Ale
Wasatch Summerbrau Lager
Squatters Outer Darkness
Squatters Hell’s Keep
Squatters Ipa
Squatter Big Cotton Wood
Wasatch Summerbrau
Wasatch The Devastator
Wasatch Winterfest
Wasatch Belgian-Style White
Squatters Big Cottonwood
Squatters Hop Rising
Squatters Outer Darkness
Squatters Hell’s Keep
Squatters Beers Red As Hell
Squatters Radio From Hell

Ballast Point Approvals 8/1/13:
Black Eye
Abandon Ship
Barrel Aged Victory At Sea
Ballast Point Oktoberfest
Brother Levonian
Piper Down
Reef Rye
Schooner Wet Hop
Three Sheets
Tongue Buckler
Black Steamboat
Smoke Screen
Indra Kunindra
Sea Monster
Home Brew Mart The Homework Series Batch #1
Big Eye
Black Marlin
Victory At Sea

Speakeasy Approvals 8/15/13:
Big Daddy
Double Daddy
Payback Smoked Porter
The Syndicate Series Vintage Ale

AleSmith Approvals 8/23/13:
Nut Brown
Winter Yulesmith
Anvil Esb
Summer Yulesmith
Wee Heavy
Old Numbskull
Grand Cru
Horny Devil
Speedway Stout
My Bloody Valentine Ale
Evil Dead Red Ale

Saint Arnold Approvals 9/3/13:
Summer Pils
Fancy Lawnmower Beer
Elissa IPA
Divine Reserve Ale
Spring Bock
Amber Ale
Winter Stout
Brown Ale
Christmas Ale
Bishop’s Barrel
Special Amber


4 thoughts on “The Beer Pipeline (Summer/Fall 2013 Edition)

  1. Think Alesmith will arrive in CO before Oct? I asked them at Alesmith when in SD in July and they said they are planning to bottle and ship Evil Dead Red this year. So hope that it’s true.

  2. Hey scott, just saw your disclamer about the cantillon. Is there anyway i can find out where do you find cantillon in colorado. Last i heard shelton bros is not distributing in colorado and i was assuming that crooked stave start bring them even with the swanze day. I don’t want to bother you or anything its just that it is hard to find information about cantillon.

    P.S. i know last year they had two cases in total beverage in westminster but was not able to score a bottle.

    Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 15:35:06 +0000 To:

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