Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 07/19/2013

Here’s this week’s report:

  • Stone W00tStout will be released this week. Will it hit Denver this week? (Kegs are already showing up at some establishments…where dem bottles!)  It’s showing up on shelves folks.
  • Avery Uncle Jacob’s released July 7 at the Avery tap room. We should see it hit stores soon. It hit several stores late Friday ya’ll!
  • Epic Brewing Escape to Colorado IPA, RiNo Pale Ale and Blue Ski Lager will be making the rounds starting Monday, July 22nd.  Their first Colorado-brewed offerings.
  • Firestone Walker Double DBA should hit mid- to late-July.  I stopped posting FW releases due to the Parabola hoarding, but DDBA is harmless in comparison.
  • Elevation’s Engel Weisse (Oak Barrel Berliner Weisse) will come out soon. ETA is TBD…they had to brew a higher ABV version to legally sell it in liquor stores.  Also, keep an eye out for Wild Flowers, an Imperial Saison.
  • August:
    • Some stuff from New Belgium releases in August. Denver will probably see it in October. I cringe, I cringe.
    • Avery will release Thensaurum very soon (August).  In other news, Avery is dominating the releases this Summer.  DOMINATING.
    • Stone Coconut IPA in August.
    • Stone 17th Anniversary Götterdämmerung IPA in August. Wow! Stone is also crushing it this Summer!
  • Soon come:
    • Three Barrel Brewing will start distributing to Denver very soon.
    • Word is out that Ballast Point is re-entering the CO market.  No specific details on which brews or exactly when, but soon come. (August)
    • There are RUMORS that AleSmith is coming to CO soon.  This is a recurring rumor…so let’s sit on this and see what happens. (Rumor mill = September?!?!?!?!)

Look for more updates throughout the week (if there are any more to report).  Please share any Denver area beer release news you might have either in the comments or on Twitter @ssteigerwald.


4 thoughts on “Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 07/19/2013

  1. In Maine, WootStout hit last WEEK! Thing must travel quicker to small towns in Maine then Denver! WTF? It’s yummy!

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