Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 06/28/2013

Here’s this week’s report:

  • Avery’s Momi Hiwa is hitting shelves NOW.
  • I’m bringing The Bruery Bois back up…it’s hitting NOW!
  • Stone Enjoy By 08.02.13 is coming next week. Freshies bro!
  • Avery Uncle Jacob’s is an awesome stout for the middle of Summer (July 7).  I hope it hits shelves, I’m getting sick of driving all the way to Boulder every week.
  • Avery’s Ross’s’s’ Melange might see store shelves soon…
  • Trinity released Elektrik Cukumbahh last Friday, June 21st. Unknown yet if this will hit shelves. Cucumbers are in, man.
  • Deschutes Black Butte XXV releases by the end of the month, it should hit us early July maybe.
  • Great Divide’s new Yeti, Oatmeal Yeti, should hit in July.
  • Stone W00tStout sounds fun. It will release in July.
  • Avery will release Thensaurum very soon (August).  In other news, Avery is dominating the releases this Summer.  DOMINATING.
  • Stone Coconut IPA in August.
  • Stone 17th Anniversary Götterdämmerung IPA in August. Wow!
  • Three Barrel Brewing will start distributing to Denver very soon.
  • Word is out that Ballast Point is re-entering the CO market.  No specific details on which brews or exactly when, but soon come. (August)
  • There are RUMORS that AleSmith is coming to CO soon.  This is a recurring rumor…so let’s sit on this and see what happens.

Look for more updates throughout the week (if there are any more to report).  Please share any Denver area beer release news you might have either in the comments or on Twitter @ssteigerwald.


9 thoughts on “Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 06/28/2013

  1. The Bruery rep I spoke with yesterday said Bois would be out here in “1-2 weeks” for what it’s worth. It’s pretty damn good, too. So I hope he’s right.

  2. Hi guys forst time posting. uncle jacobs release is july 7, avery employs told me that. also any special release from avery that are leftover from the event usually takes 3 weeks to hit shelves. so momi hiwa i believe will hit next week and ross’s’s melange could hit the following week. places that will receive them are hazel’s, liquormart and some other liquor place in boulder that i can remember. In denver it will be at argoanut and about two or three places. no idea if total beverage or mile high wine and spirit will receive them. again that’s what i have been told by acouple of employees at avery

  3. Spoke to the Elevation folks at the Elite show and tasted their upcoming bourbon barrel Berliner Weiss. Should be out next month and it was amazing.

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