Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 05/31/2013

Here’s this week’s report:

I’m tired after the long weekend. Not much new news yet, but it’s still early.

  • New Belgium Pluot is out now.
  • Upslope will be releasing their new IIPA in May…er, I mean June.  This thing will be HUGE; a 10 percent ABV double IPA in 19.2-ounce imperial pint cans. Sounds like the perfect lawnmower beer to me.  This will be a new year round, so not necessarily the rares, but fun as hell.  (UPDATE: This will start hitting shelves next Monday, so look for it next week!)
  • Is The Bruery Bois coming soon?  Are you willing to shell out something like 40 bucks? For just one?
  • Avery is releasing Momi Hiwa on June 9.  A rum-barrel aged coconut porter sounds gross to me.  You should probably skip this release.  But seriously, there will be plenty to go around, and this might even see store shelves.  So calm your shit.
  • Stone W00tStout sounds fun. No word on when it releases, but we should see it in Denver in the not-so-distant future.
  • Stone RuinTen releases in Cali June 17.  I assume we will see this a week or two afterwards.

Look for more updates throughout the week (if there are any more to report).  Please share any Denver area beer release news you might have either in the comments or on Twitter @ssteigerwald.


3 thoughts on “Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 05/31/2013

  1. I had Bois over the weekend at the brewery. It’s sweet like Fruet was and will need some age but still pretty tasty.

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