Results: Denver Beer Hunting Poll – Should the report become private?

Welp, I closed the poll after about 24 hours.  First off, I am humbled by the number of responses.  Either some of y’all voted multiple times, or I have a larger readership than I expected.

Now, the results; inconclusive.  It was basically 50/50.  Really.  Almost the exact same number of votes for and against password protecting the site.  The only difference was one single vote for the “leave out some of the rares” option, which counts as a no vote and brings it to exactly 50/50.

But of more importance; the comments.  Those that commented were heavily in favor of keeping it open and public, and they made some good arguments.  Not to mention, they were from some of the local heavy hitters in the beer blogosphere (Chipper Dave, Colorado Beer Man).  (Also, shout out to David, one of my ROY G. BIV line buddies)

So for now, I’ve decided to keep the blog open to the public.  This doesn’t mean I will keep it open indefinitely though, because there will be a day when I find it too hard to get the beers I want and I’ll lose the drive to do this anymore.  Maybe that will take weeks, months, years…who knows.  And I am also going to reserve the right to hold back on certain beers as I have been doing, like Cantillon and some of the Firestone Walker releases.  I’m also still considering the option of a newsletter that comes out before the public report.  For example, the newsletter might come out early in the week (by Wed) and the blog won’t become available until, say, Friday.  I need to think that through still…

I’d still like to keep the discussion open, so feel free to comment with suggestions, bribes, threats of violence, free beers, whatever.

Oh, and one final thing, this week’s report will be delayed until tomorrow (Wed), in case anyone dissuades me convincingly.


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