Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 04/26/2013

Here’s this week’s report:

I decided to remove some of the legacy stuff that keeps carrying over until I have firmer dates on things.  Word on the street is, this will be a kick-ass week.  Look for semi-frequent updates in this space.  Don’t hoard, unless you want to be an a-hole.

  • Great Divide 19th Anniversary is here. Birchy.
  • Avery Maharaja. yay.
  • Upright Brewing Five and Six.  Whaaaaat?
  • Russian River’s usual suspects yo.
  • Boulevard’s Love Child No. 3.  Boom.
  • Crooked Stave St. Bretta. Bam.
  • Dogfish Head 61 Minute. Ok.
  • Prairie Artisan Ales from Oklahoma has entered the CO market. Holla!
  • Imports galore!! Kapow!:

    • De Struise Brouwers Pannepot 2011
    • Mikkeller It’s Alive, Monk’s Brew, “Wheat is the new hops” and 10000000000000 IBU (or something like that)
    • Brouwerij de Molen Hel & Verdoemenis Imperial Stout

    • Brasserie Trois Dames L’Amoureuse Rouge and L’Amoureuse Blanche
    • Sarasola Sagardoa
    • Brouwerij De Ranke “XX Bitter”

Look for more updates throughout the week (if there are any more to report).  Please share any Denver area beer release news you might have with me either in the comments or on Twitter @ssteigerwald.


3 thoughts on “Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 04/26/2013

  1. Have not seen Parabola yet either. Had some on tap @ FreshCraft yummy. When you say the “usual suspects” for Russian River -does that include Blind Pig. Can’t find that anywhere. Thanks. Love our blog.

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