Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 12/14/2012

Here’s this week’s report:

Seriously, forget Christmas shopping. This week is going to kill your bank account. Again. Bligh’s, Westvleteren XII, Stone Vertical Epic, the Crooked Stave releases, who knows what else…holy horseshit! Remember the days when my reports had between 1 and 3 beers listed?  Yeah. I actually long for those days to come back… Hey, maybe January will be slow!

  • One late update, it looks like FiftyFifty Eclipse is starting to hit.  Specifically, Old Fitzgerald and Rittenhouse Rye versions as of right now.
  • Left Hand’s Barrel Aged Wake Up Dead. Drink it and listen to this.
  • Dry Dock Bligh’s Barleywine is supposed to hit stores on 12/11. It released Sunday at the brewery. Straight from the horse’s mouth: “10 cases (120, 22oz. bottles) will be released at the Dry Dock tasting room on Sunday, December 9th at 11am, limit 1 bottle per person, $20 ea. We’ll also have a limited amount on-tap that day while it lasts! Bligh’s will also be available in your local stores starting on December 11th. Cheers!”.  We all know the epicness of this beer… (UPDATE: It’s been hitting stores since Monday, 12/10. It hit the Southeast metro area first and seems to be slowly making its way North.)
  • Westvleteren XII = shit show. Just an FYI, hunters, this beer has been showing up to all of the stores later than expected. Do your research before showing up.
  • Stone’s last in the Vertical Epic series 12/12/12 has hit. The end of an era…so sad. Brings a tear t…what!?!?  Beer!!?!!?
  • The final Crooked Stave Cellar Reserve release happens on 12/15 and includes…wait for it…Nightmare on Brett BrandyNightmare on Brett CognacL’Brett d’Or (Dry Hopped)Nightmare on Brett Bourbon, and L’Brett d’Or (non dry-hopped, you dummy).  The first 3 are members-only…but you know how that works.  If any are available, they go to the public.  So show up after the release (time TBD) and score some tasty buds bro (or, you know, tasty sours instead of buds).
  • AC Golden’s Ctayt, an award winning RIS, will be available mid-to-late-December. (UPDATE: A friend of the blog told me that this has hit stores…now! Very, very limited. Hunt!)
  • Elevation will release Downpour, a “hoptastic” Double India Red, at some point in time. (UPDATE: They released this at the brewery on 12/7…soooo, soon come?).  Also their RIS, Oil Man, which was aged in Breckenridge Distillery barrels should be released sometime around mid-December, but I’m calling late-December.  (UPDATE: Oil Man had a label issue with the TTB. Hopefully it doesn’t delay the release.).
  • What Else? Here’s some beers I haven’t heard about yet, but we should be expecting soon; Barrel-Aged Old Rasputin XVFiftyFifty Eclipse, beer, and beers.
  • Word is out that Clown Shoes will start distributing to CO. (Check here and notice it says “Colorado- coming soon”) (UPDATE: They expect to be in CO sometime in the 1st quarter of 2013…)
  • La Cumbre is supposed to be bringing their highly acclaimed Elevated IPA to CO very soon.  GABF Gold? 93 on Beer Advocate? 99 on RateBeer?  Yes please! (UPDATE: The brewer is still scouting for quality distributors. They want to ensure that their beer is stored cold, as it should be. This could be days, weeks or months out…stay tuned.)

Look for more updates throughout the week (if there are any more to report).  Please share any Denver area beer release news you might have with me either in the comments or on Twitter @ssteigerwald.


6 thoughts on “Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 12/14/2012

  1. I am the general manager/beer buyer at Coaltrain Wine & Spirits (aka ‘The CO Springs store’), and your information is inaccurate. I’m wondering who you talked to at the store? Our plan is to announce it’s availability via our website and facebook page and sell it on a first come, first served basis with a 1 gift pack per person limit. No Lists, no lottery, when we get it, it will be available for purchase. The only thing I don’t know is when it will arrive, as it was NOT on the truck this morning? I do see my salesperson later today and will hopefully have an answer then.
    Feel free to contact me,

    • Thanks for ringing in abut your store Austin. I don’t have personal experience at your store, never been there, but there is a lot of talk about your policies regarding rare beer releases over on Beer Advocate. You should check that out…mostly not kind words. I’m more than happy to strike out that comment if this is not your policy this time around. Thanks for the update on Westvleteren XII.

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