Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 11/23/2012

Here’s this week’s report:

This is the time of year when we see a lot of really special things hit the shelves.  This is the season of stouts, barleywines and holiday beers.  Keep an eye out for FW XVI (very soon!), Deschutes Abyss (shipping Nov 19th), Dry Dock Bligh’s (12/15?), GI BCS (End of Nov?) and a whole slew of other goodies.  I don’t have specific dates for everything, but will do my best to update when I know.  Stay tuned…

  • Great Divide Barrel Aged Hibernation should is be hitting stores this week (that’s right, “is be”).  This.  Week.
  • Firestone Walker XVI is out NOW MOTHAS!!!!.
  • Deschutes The Abyss is also supposed to go to distributors on the 19th!  It might take a little longer to get to Denver though…but keep an eye out. Word on the street is they are waiting to release it until after Thanksgiving, possibly next Monday or Tuesday…
  • Elevation will release Downpour, a “hoptastic” Double India Red , in mid-October November or something (UPDATE: “should be hitting stores in the next few weeks”).  Also their RIS, Oil Man, which was aged in Breckenridge Distillery barrels should be released sometime around mid-NovemberDecember? (…).
  • Goose Island Bourbon County Stout is scheduled to hit Denver the last week of November.  Git yer hunting pants ready.
  • Holy cannoli!  Now word is out that Clown Shoes will start distributing to CO in November!  Git yer clown shoes ready.  Soon come?  I haven’t heard anything yet…
  • Another Stone treat, the last in the Vertical Epic series 12/12/12, will hit on…um…12/12/12.  See how that works? (Note: according to BeerPulse, the release was pushed to Dec 3…will Denver get it by 12/12/12?)
  • La Cumbre is supposed to be bringing their highly acclaimed Elevated IPA to CO very soon.  GABF Gold? 93 on Beer Advocate? 99 on RateBeer?  Yes please!
  • Is Westvleteren XII coming soon?  Word is out now that it is hitting many stores out East and in the Mid-west in mid-December…is Colorado in the dark or will we be getting it?  Expect more updates in the coming days/weeks.

Look for more updates throughout the week (if there are any more to report).  Please share any Denver area beer release news you might have with me either in the comments or on Twitter @ssteigerwald.


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