Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 08/17/2012

Here’s this week’s report:

  • Cantillon!!! Various varieties are showing up all over town.  Look for it!!!
  • These two showed up last week, but in only a few places.  Look for more this week:
    • River North released Avarice, a Belgian-style Imperial Stout, in bombers last Thursday (8/9).
    • The Boulevard/Pretty Things Collaboration Stingo hit last week.  More this week, keep an eye out.
  • Stone’s 16th Anniversary Ale, a 10% ABV double IPA, released on August 13th.  Look for it in Denver after that. (psst…word is it may hit as early as this week…we’ll see.)  (08/14/2012 UPDATE: Supposedly, it’s in town and should hit shelves this week)
  • Anchorage Whiteout Wit Bier and Galaxy White IPA are around town.
  • According to this article, Denver is not one of the markets that will get Stone’s Enjoy By 09.21.12 IPA.  BUT…one of my beer guys told me the local distributors are taking orders.  So, we’ll see what happens next week.
  • The New Belgium/Alpine Beer Company Super India Pale Ale should be hitting this week…maybe.  It’s hit every-freaking-where else…not sure why people 1500 miles away have gotten it already and we are getting it just now (again…maybe).  Even Ft. Collins has it…just not Denver.  Also, look out for Peach Porch Lounger, the Saison collaboration with New Belgium and G. Love.  This stuff sounds like it’s going to be some special sauce (sorry, I had to).  (08/14/2012 UPDATE: Well…it looks like this is NOT hitting this week.  Here’s the story as I understand it. All Leaps of Faith beers use the same UPC, so the distributor wants all the previous beer gone before releasing the latest beer. Apparently, all the Brett Beer is not yet gone, something like 42 cases still left as of today.  So, we need to wait until that’s gone.  Maybe…again, MAYBE…next week.  Not sure why this is unique to Denver…        Anyone ready for some faded hops?)
  • What the Brux?  (I’m really tired of waiting for this.  But just like Super IPA…this is distributed by Coors who lack any sense of craft beer urgency. I’ll save the brutal language for private conversations.)  (08/14/2012 Update: Word is, this is finally arriving late this week/early next week, along with the Beer Camp box.  We’ll see…)
  • Elevation Beer Company Signal de Botrange Farmhouse Ale Aged in Chardonnay Wine Barrels is coming soon.  They bottled it July 15, so it should hit soon.  I recently read that it’s “weeks away”.  #sadpanda
  • Check out this article from Westword’s Colorado Beer Man (aka Big Shikes) on some fun things coming up:  Ten Colorado Beers You’ll Be Seeing Soon

Look for more updates throughout the week (if there are any more to report).  Please share any Denver area beer release news you might have with me either in the comments or on Twitter @ssteigerwald.


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