Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 06/15/2012

Here’s this week’s report:

  • The Bruery Fruet should be out this week or next week, but reports say this week. This is their 2012 anniversary beer and it looks to be HUGE.  This is a 100% barrel aged old ale and clocks in at 15.5% ABV. Drink 2, then hold on to the grass to keep from falling off the world.
  • Odell Brewing Co/ Thornbridge Brewery Pond Hopper Double Extra Pale Ale is on some shelves right now too.
  • Crooked Stave is releasing their next Cellar Reserve beer; Persica, a Sour Golden Ale Aged in Oak with Peaches.  Here’s the deal though; this one is super-mega-ultra limited. Reserve members will get their one bottle and can only order 1 extra (some of us got 2 if we were quick). Expect to see none of these leftover and consider yourself lucky if you get your hands on one. Also, word is this one is absolutely fantastic. Those who have tasted it say it’s the best Crooked Stave release yet…I’m excited for this.  Being release May 26th June 16th (Chad changed the date on the account of it being the holiday weekend and such).
  • Some others for this week: Funkwerks Fruition, Russian River brews (Consecration, Salvation and Pliny the Elder), and Breckenridge Stranahan’s Well Built E.S.B.
  • Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA was released June 10th, expect to see it hit the Denver market very shortly. It’s already being listed for release at a few places in keg…expect bottles to show up soon, maybe next week. (Update: June 23rd)
  • Great Divide‘s new Doppelbock, Wolfgang, hit the bottling line last week. The scheduled release date is July 1…but will we see it sooner?  I think yes…as in this week (UPDATE: WHOA, slow down chief!  Looks like this won’t hit stores until next week…it just hit distributors this week).  Rumble is also out.
  • Avery announced the release date for the next Barrel-Aged Series beer; Oud Floris.  The beer is being described as a “Flanders-esque dark brown sour” that’s been aged in some interesting barrels including Cabernet Sauvignon, bourbon, rum and Chardonnay.  Wow!  It will be released from the tap room on June 24th (a Sunday!) at 4pm.  It’s expected that none of this will make it out of state…therefore, rare.  $8/ bottle, 6 bottle limit, cash only suckas!
  • Boulevard Brewing Company Love Child No. 2 is coming soon and will be VERY limited quantities.
  • Another Dogfish Head brew, Positive Contact, releases June 18.  This is a beer/cider hybrid that was conjured by Dan the Automator and others…should be interesting.  There will also be Positive Contact box sets which will include six bottles of Positive Contact, four hip-hop dub remixes on vinyl and six recipes…for a good night o’ debauchery.  Will this box set make it to Denver? I have no idea…but sounds fun!
  • Firestone Walker Double DBA will be released on July 15th.  This is a new brew from FW and is basically their DBA x 2.  It will be distributed to Denver, so look for it after July 15.  Expect a shit show of people trying to get this one, just like all the FW releases.

Look for more updates throughout the week (if there are any more to report).  Please share any Denver area beer release news you might have with me either in the comments or on Twitter @ssteigerwald.


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