Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 05/25/2012

Here’s this week’s report:

  • AC Golden has the Hidden Barrel Project coming out with 3 sour beers; apricot, cherry and peach.  It will be sold in 750 ml bottles and it appears it will be available at only one location in the Denver metro area.  These will retail for $21.99 each.  I had the Apricot version at Rackhouse Pub…it was delicious! The apricot and peach will be released Saturday, May 26th at 9 AM.  From where?  Go find out yourself.  No word on the cherry yet…UPDATE: The cherry (Kriek) will go on sale July 7th. The label was just approved earlier this week.
  • Elevation Beer Company released Apis IV, a 10.5 percent ABV Belgian Dark Strong Ale, in 750 ML cork and caged bottles. This will be their first beer in the Denver market.  It is showing up in stores right now…go!
    UPDATE: Here’s a list of the places that will carry APIS IV:

    • Liquor stores
      • Mr. B’s
      • Mile High Wine and Spirits
      • Applejack’s
      • Joy Wine and Spirits
      • Grapes and Grains
      • Highlands Liquor and Wine
      • Primo Vino
      • Lukas Liquors
      • Grapevine
    • Resturants/Bars
      • Hops and Pie
      • Rackhouse Pub
      • Amato’s Ale House
      • Freshcraft
  • Grand Teton Snarling Badger Berliner Weisse is coming this week.  This is a Cellar Reserve Series beer. It is a much stronger version than the usual Berliner Weisse at 7.5%.  There were some sightings of this beer last week, but more should be around this week.
  • Blue Moon‘s award winning Vintage Blonde Ale is out.  Why am I reporting on this? Well, someone might be interested in buying some.
  • Crooked Stave is releasing their next Cellar Reserve beer; Persica, a Sour Golden Ale Aged in Oak with Peaches.  Here’s the deal though; this one is super-mega-ultra limited. Reserve members will get their one bottle and can only order 1 extra. Expect to see none of these leftover and consider yourself lucky if you get your hands on one. Also, word is this one is absolutely fantastic. Those who have tasted it say it’s the best Crooked Stave release yet…I’m excited for this.  Being release May 26th June 16th (Chad changed the date on the account of it being the holiday weekend and such).

Look for more updates throughout the week (if there are any more to report).  Please share any Denver area beer release news you might have with me either in the comments or on Twitter @ssteigerwald.


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