Denver Beer Hunter’s Report – 05/04/2012

Here’s this week’s report:

  • Oskar Blues/Sun King Chaka drops May 8th.  This Belgian-style 8% ABV ale will be in cans and gives us Coloradoans a chance to try Sun King in state.  80 barrels were produced in Colorado, 40 will be sent to San Diego for the CBC and 40 will stay right here in Colorado.  By my calculations, this is about 10,080 16 oz cans or 2520 4-packs.  Plenty to go around.  NOTE: I just read an article that says this beer is available now and only at the Tasty Weasel. $15.99 for a six four pack of aluminum cans. Yes…you read that right, aluminum cans. Or a 4 pack…details differ from various places…even from OB communications.  I’m very confused about this, I had previously heard it will be out May 8 and the amount seems more than enough to go around…can anyone provide me info? (NOTE: Someone went to the Tasty Weasel today and they didn’t even know if they were allowed to sell it. And yes, it comes in 4-packs…confirmed bitches!  I’m still betting this will be released to shelves next week as originally indicated.)
  • Danny’s Gold Mine Ale, a collaboration between Ska Brewing, Odell Brewing, New Belgium Brewing, Crooked Stave and Funkwerks, is due to hit this week.  This beer is a 10% ABV Strong Dark Ale and is a benefit for Danny William’s family.  750 ml bottles are expected to cost around $15, and up to 150 cases could be yielded (although expect some of this to be kegged instead yielding less cases). UPDATE: Looks like this will only be sold at the breweries listed above. For us Denver folks, that sucks balls.
  • Avery’s 18th Anniversary is dropping this week.
  • Dogfish Head Urkontenant & Black and Blue are hitting shelves too.
  • Mikkeller madness: Mikkeller/Grassroots Wheat Is The New Hops, Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Calvados, Mikkeller Big Worse Red Wine Barrel Edition and much more.  Maybe Shelton Bros screwed New York, but they are doing us good.  P.S. – At least three metro area stores got this big shipment of Mikkeller and other Shelton goodies.  I’m sure others have too.
  • Twisted Pine‘s next release in the Artisinal Ale series, Big Easy Offbeat Brown,will be released at the brewery this Saturday, the 5th from noon to 9PM.  A brown ale with wasabi, horseradish and ginger roots? Hmmm….
  • AC Golden has the Hidden Barrel Project coming out with 3 sour beers; apricot, cherry and peach.  It will be sold in 750 ml bottles and it appears it will be available at only one location in the Denver metro area.  These will retail for $21.99 each.  Expected availability sometime this month…very soon. (UPDATE: Word is, there was an issue with the label. Once that is resolved, we should see these hit.  It looks like some of this is already scheduled to hit Rackhouse Pub on Saturday…)
  • Firestone Walker Parabola is coming this month!  It looks like this is going to be very limited quantities, so this is a true beer hunter’s item of interest.  <- It’s already showing up in CA. <- It’s coming to Colorado NEXT WEEK! Shhhhhh you bastards!

Look for more updates throughout the week (if there are any more to report).  Please share any Denver area beer release news you might have with me either in the comments or on Twitter @ssteigerwald.


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