What’s in a name?

The protagonist of the show and movie “The Horse Whisperer” is described as a “talented trainer with a remarkable gift for understanding horses“.  I’ve been described by some of my neighbors and friends as being, “The Beer Whisperer”.  I suppose I am a “talented drinker with a remarkable gift for understanding beer“.

I tend to agree with them.

Here’s why:

  • I ALWAYS talk about beer. Yes, I talk about other things but I brighten up and get all chatty when beer becomes the subject.
  • I ALWAYS post about beer.  On Twitter.  On Facebook.  Everywhere.
  • I know a lot about beer.  A LOT.
  • I can taste things in beer that others either cannot, or never realized.
  • I have tried many, many beers.  I love them all.
  • If I could quit my job and do whatever I wanted right now, I would open something beer related.  Like a beer bar or brewpub.
  • I seek out rare, hard to find beers.  When I travel, I always try to drink locals only (if/when possible).
  • I read books about beer. I read magazines about beer. I read the interwebs about beer. I read about beer all the time.
  • I buy and try new beer every week. No really…every. single. week.
  • Beer.

I have had other blogs before, but I hope to make this one different by not taking things so damn serious.  No beer reviews, at least not the traditional type.  Mine will be called “AntiReviews”.  What this means is, I will tell you about the beer, what I like about it, but will not give aroma/taste/mouthfeel/etc comments.  And I will not give grades or ratings.  There are too many sites out there that already do that, so I will just tell you, “Mmmm, this is fucking good”.  (maybe a little more than that).

I will also be trying to talk about Beer in Society.  How people react to those of us fascinated with beer.   How we are treated by the “non-believers”, the “unconverted”.  How we are viewed by the media.  What are the results of trying to introduce and educate about craft beer. And so on.

Finally, I will discuss events and news that I see fit.

Please come back, check it out and have fun.


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